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This page includes the following topics and synonyms: Scoliosis Examination, Forward Bending Test, Scoliometer, Adam's Test, Adam's Position.

If you suspect that someone you know may have scoliosis, the Adam's Forward Bend Test is a common screening exam. To administer the test, ask the person to place his feet together and bend forward at the waist about 90 degrees.

Method used to diagnose direction and severity of vertebral rotation in scoliosis. The patient stands with feet together and knees straight and bends at the hips with palms held together.

He referred to it as “the stooping position as diagnostic of lateral curvature in the early stage” as a test to diagnose scoliosis. It became later known as the ‘Adams Forward Bending Test’ and it has since been used all over the world in...

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now perform an Adams (forward bend) test and quantify the result. Simply place your thumbs between the patient and either. end of the device to accommodate prominent spinous processes.

The best means of assessing patients for scoliosis also has been debated. The most commonly performed test in school screening is the Adams forward-bending test, yet its effectiveness in school screening has been questioned.12–14 In the Adams...

The Adams Forward Bending Test is a simple test that can be done (even by a parent!) as a first screening step. If it indicates a problem, the child can be referred to a specialist for further testing and care.

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A standard exam that is often used by pediatricians and in initial school screenings is called the Adam's Forward Bend Test.

The Adam's forward-bending test, a popular evaluation technique used for school scoliosis screenings, 'cannot be considered a safe diagnostic criterion for the early detection of scoliosis, ' say.

Physical Examination. Adam's Forward Bend Test. knees straight. The curve of structural scoliosis is more apparent when bending over.

Photos: Scoliosis upon Adams test forward bending in a boy and in a girl. Spinal X-rays: Cobb method of determining angle of curvature. Choose the most tilted verterbrae above & below apex of the curve.

Kyphosis is best seen from the side, both standing straight and bending forward. The doctor may do an Adam's Forward Bending Test: in that, you bend forward at the waist.

The Adam's Forward Bending Test helps identify an unusual curve, but it can't tell you how severe the curve is. For that, you'll need to go to a doctor. Using different tests, the doctor will be able to see and measure the curve.

During the exam, the patient is asked to remove his or her shirt and bend forward. This is known as the Adams Forward Bend Test[7] and is often performed on school students.

This is known as the Adam’s Forward Bend Test.Physicians should perform other tests, including x-rays, to determine if scoliosis is present.

Scoliosis can be identified by the Adam's forward bend test during physical examination. ... screening with the Adam's forward bending test at routine ... [ ] Marcus, Adam Forward 11-14-2003 When Jewish philanthropies imagine their...

The PPV was 0.13 for Adams forward-bending test, 0.05 for scoliometer, 0.07 for Moire topography and 0.04 for humpometer. All the tests have high NPV ranging from 0.99 to 1.00.


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